Building Inspections

Buying property is a big investment so you will need a trained and qualified inspector to give you an accurate report that outlines all possible problems with the property. We offer home owners and prospective buyers detailed, informative and independent building and pest inspection. Our inspections are completed by a fully licensed and qualified professional.

Why are inspections important?

A building inspection helps protect prospective home buyers from making a poor decision. They also assist homeowners in having a complete understanding of the structural state of their property. For prospective property buyers and investors the inspection can be done before the purchase contracts. A property inspection can prevent huge financial losses i.e. buying damaged/pest infested properties. Most real estate agents will highly recommend having a property inspector look over the house before the buyer makes a decision.

How we can help with your property

We offer a variety of inspection services which include (but aren’t limited to);

  1. Building And Pest Inspection
    This service includes both inspection services and is aimed at ensuring the property you buy (as well as its surroundings) is sound.
  2. Building stage Inspection
    This service is offered at a certain stage of building i.e. the foundation stage, frame stage, waterproofing stage, pre-painting stage or handover/completion stage. This service helps to ensure property buyers make payments with confidence since every stage of building is monitored.
  3. Handover inspection & reports
    Our handover inspection and reports are prepared after a very comprehensive inspection is carried out so buyers can have peace of mind when making the final purchasing decision.
  4. Pre-purchase inspections
    Property owners can also book an inspection to assess the condition of their property before listing it for sale. We want to help you make a successful/profitable sale.